To contact the Kamloops Printmakers email to:


10 responses to “Contact

  • kamloopsprintmakers

    Hi. Thanks for your questions. Yes, this is an international exchange. Yes, the paper may be smaller.

  • Lynden Beesley

    Is there an exhibition of the prints and if so when is it. Best Lynden Beesley

  • kamloopsprintmakers

    Hello to our 2014 Print Exchange participants:

    Your print packages have been sorted and were mailed out two days ago. Keep your eye open for them in your mailbox.
    The 2014 Print Exchange exhibition opening took place last night (February 28) at Arnica Artist Run Centre and the exhibition runs until April 12. Thanks to Ben from Arnica for doing a stellar job installing and promoting the exhibition, and to Kelly and June for getting the exchange prints sorted and packaged up for the postman.

  • Aras

    Hi Lynden and others in Kamloops print maker society. My name is Aras. I am on the board of directors for Modlab Maker Foundation. We just launched a community site with the hope to get all the makers in Kamloops connected. We are hoping to build a large makerspace in Kamloops. I have heard a lot of good things about your society, and I think there will be lots of opportunities for us to collaborate in future, or even possibly to share a building. Please ask your members to join our forum:
    We would love to hear about your workshops and projects there. Also, we have a Christmas ornament making workshop comming up on Dec 10. Lets keep in touch!

    • kamloopsprintmakers

      Hi Aras: I haven’t looked at the blog for ages and just found this message. Thanks for contacting us and I will be in touch with some ideas. I have a sabbatical from July to January and hope to spend some time at Makerspace. Hopefully we can get some printmaking projects underway as well. It is a good thing I went to the open house and met you anyway.
      Ila Crawford

      • Aras Balali Moghaddam

        Hi Ila! LOL yes I left this message over 3 years ago and I always wondered why nobody got back to me, so thank you! Looking at my old post it was from the very first days of trying to start a makerspace in Kamloops and our community website changed a few weeks after that. I dont think I can edit my old post, but for anyone else reading this makerspace community forum is at:

      • kamloopsprintmakers

        I will try to post something about Makerspace on here. Hopefully sooner than 3 years from now. We are planning an intro to screenprinting in the next couple of weeks.

  • Evelyn

    Any workshops for2015????

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