Ila Crawford



11 Animalia Scan 1_waterbased screen prin_2015

Animalia Scan 2 16×16″ water based screen print

12 Animalia scan 2_waterbased sceen print_2016

Animalia Scan 2 16×16″ water based screen print

Not My Window_1 (2016_08_26 03_41_17 UTC)

Not my Window 22×30 ” water based screen print

Lillium State II (2016_08_25 15_14_42 UTC)

Lillium 22×30 ” water based screen print

Drummer Hamilton 1 (2016_08_26 03_41_17 UTC)

Drummer      12×12″ water based screen print

elephant pillow

Topsy, Mary, Tyke RIP     water based screen print cushion and wallpaper



Women of Untold Stories

Charmian Ferguson, Sheila Nelson, Betty Inouye, Barbara Gregson, Lyla Dyer

Detail of screen print panel from  exhibition”Legacy” at Arnica Artist Run Centre in Kamloops March 2011. The exhibition featured screen printed images of twelve women from the Untold Stories Project, a group research project that documented the work of twelve women in the Kamloops, British Columbia, community. The prints are accompanied by text from interviews with the women, printed directly on the wall. An additional panel of women is on exhibit and it features the mother of one of the women in the study presented with her Women’s Institute group circa 1930.  The panels were printed in the studio and the text was printed on site using small wooden framed screens and wall paper paste as the ink base. Some of the text was painted over to partially obscure it. My idea was to create a palimsest that mirrored the process of disappearance and invisibility that the women’s work and women’s bodies were undergoing as time advanced. The exhibition was mounted in the vault of the old Kamloops Courthouse. The text printed on the walls has become part of the sedimentary layers of paint and information sealed into the wall–a permanent if not visible record–it awaits future excavation.


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