Sherri May

relief print

“Roots Take Wing” Relief Print with Chine Colle


I grew up on a small dairy farm in Ontario, and moved out West when I was 20.  I’ve lived most of my adult life in Kamloops, BC, Canada.  I have also lived for one summer in beautiful Oliver, BC, and a year abroad in London, England.  I’ve come to feel at home in a rural setting, small city and large metropolis, and as each environment has wonders to offer I’ve spent a great deal of time contemplating the idea of “Home”. I presently reside on the very interesting North Shore of Kamloops with my loving Husband and two amazing cats.

I am am loving my experience as the new President for the Kamloops Printmakers Society, it’s a wonderful group.

Click on the link below for my complete artist CV:

Sherri May CV 2010

Artist Statement

The intricate patterns of inter-connectivity found within life fascinate me.  I like to think of existence as an organic palimpsest, where the traces of what have been are layered by what is, and allude to what may come.  In their original manuscript form the layers of palimpsests have been revealed through computer imaging technology, just as in our own lives we reveal the constructions of self through daily mental, physical and spiritual patterns.

The cyclical character of growth is subtlety shown in innumerable ways.  The fluid nature of conversation, I believe, is a particularity beautiful example of this.  A conversation does not truly have an end; rather the ideas lead into one another, and can give rise to seemingly unrelated topics that often flow into intriguing realms of thought.

I use a wide variety of mediums within my artistic practice, and am continuously seeking ways to expand those available to me. These mediums have qualities that compliment the different meanings found within each piece created.  This variety overlaps my exploring the inter-connectivity of life patterns, and in so doing creates a mirroring of form and content.

Sherri May has moved to USA and continues printmaking there.


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